There are three scenarios – 

A tutor registers on the platform. The Tutor can come up with three different scenarios – 

  • I already have a free zoom account 
  • I don’t have a zoom account at all. 
  • I already have a PRO zoom account 

1) When Tutor already has a Free zoom account, she can sign up to the platform with the same email ID that the zoom account is associated with. If she signs up with some other email ID – she can easily switch the email ID when she verifies the zoom invitation which the platform will send. 

2) When a tutor doesn’t have any zoom account, In this case, it’s straightforward – the Tutor registers on the platform and instantly gets a zoom invitation – upon acceptance, the Tutor’s zoom account creation is done. 

3) When the Tutor who registers – already has a PRO account associated with the email ID that she has used for registration. In this case, the Organization’s parent account admin manually adds the Tutor’s zoom email ID to the Organization’s parent account. It can be done through zoom settings (link). The Tutor has to accept the invitation. When the Tutor accepts the invitation – the Tutor will be taken in as a Basic free user only ( in this case – the amount which Tutor paid for the license – can either be refunded to her credit card, or the Tutor can transfer the credit to Organization’s parent account – which can be assigned back to her profile – to upgrade from basic to PRO after verification)