Who should buy PRO licenses for the tutors? Organization or Tutor themselves?

You, as a business owner, should decide. You can pre-purchase xx number of PRO licenses, and when Tutor signs up – you can pick selected tutors and upgrade their free basic account into a Licensed PRO account.

Who will pay for the Tutor’s PRO account if added under the Organization’s Parent account?

Parent Organization takes full responsibility for the billing. When the Tutor’s account is attached to the Organization’s account, the Organization or account owner is responsible for the billing. (link to zoom support thread)

Do students need to have a zoom account?

Students are participants in the meeting. Zoom doesn’t require participants to have a zoom account. Students can click on the zoom link and join the class.

Can Tutor change the email ID after signing up?

The Tutor’s email ID is linked to the Zoom account, and the Zoom account is linked to Tutor’s calendar. If Tutor wants to change her email ID, she can report to admin, and admin can help to change via zoom settings.

What happens when the tutor is removed from the site owner’s zoom?

If the tutor is removed on zoom, the event will be noted and the system will not let the tutor to login. System will send an email to the tutor and notify the tutor so that the tutor will automatically contact the admin and the admin can invite the tutor back.

Can the tutor with basic plan, have unlimited 1-1 classes on zoom ?

Effective from June 2022, zoom has limited the duration of 1-1 classes to 40 mins for basic plan users.