How are the courses managed by Tutors?

1.Login as Tutor.

2.Check the course Transactions page, to find the list of students who have purchased the courses of the tutor.

3.Also the tutor can get to know his earnings for the course against each student.


What are the media types of files that the tutor can upload in his lectures?

1.The tutor can upload video, audio, and PDF files

2.Supported video files for lectures are  mp4 file, WebM file, 3gp file, Ogg file, WMV file.

3.Supports MP3 for audio lectures.

4.PDF file for adding PDF lectures.

Can the student buy the same course again?

If the student has purchased a course , there will be purchased tag. For some reasons, if the student has got his refund for his purchased course, he can repurchase the same course again.

Is the course completion certificate issued for students on the platform?

Yes, the course completion certificate is generated and available on students profile, once the student completes the course to 100% ( there is a tracker to track the percentage of completion)

Can the student download the course certificate?

Yes, the course completion certificate is available in PDF format and can be downloaded.

What is the difference between course introduction video and trailer video for each section

The Course introduction video is the gist of the course. Also the tutor can post a a trailer video for each section of the lecture, for the students to know about the its contents on a high level Both can be previewed by students before taking up the course.