Can the tutor become a student to book sessions & courses?

Yes, the tutor can enroll in the live classes and courses posted by other tutors in the platform and also mark their favorite topics, tutors, and courses (in this way, he becomes a student to the respective classes).

What is the use of timezone in the profile?

Time zone is very important as the classes are scheduled based on the timezone and also to receive zoom invitations based on the scheduled time.

Will the contact details (Phone/Email) of the tutor be visible to all the students?

No, it’s not visible to the students. Only the admin can view them.

Some categories are not available when I create a course / group class – Why?

In the tutor profile settings – the tutor has to pick the category she is going to teach. Based on the categories selected, it will show up in the field when tutor creates a course / group class.

Does the platform support DST start / end time?

Daylight starting / ending is detected based on the user’s time zone automatically.

The calendar recognises the daylight starting /ending day and time according to each time zone and different countries and notify the students in the platform.