These bundles are like saver packages for students.

Apart from normal 1-1 classes , the tutors can post Bundle 1-1 classes , say 10 classes for 50$.

Instead of separate class.

The bundle will not affect the regular individual purchases of 1on1 classes.

Also this may be used as saver pack for students.

Eg , 10 classes -> 50$ , if its 20 classes-> 80$ ( instead of 100$), this will be like saver pack for students


1.The tutor will have a separate tab “My Bundles”  from where he can see the list of bundles created by him and he can also add new bundle with Name, no of classes for that particular bundle, ordering ( based on the numbering it will be displayed in FE), price , Expiry date of that bundle .

Eg, Tutors can create 1on1 class bundles like – 10 classes at $50.

2.The tutor bundle  earnings is calculated based on Total  price of the bundle /No of  classes  50/10 = 5$  per class.

3.The price of the bundle will be later accumulated on the tutors earnings as usual amidst the admin commission percent


1. The student can purchase bundle package from the tutor and pay for it  from the 1-1 section

2. Students can view the  details on their profile for each bundle

Such as Tutor name, Bundle price, Total classes, used classes, Remaining classes and Expiry date

3. The bundle package has an expiry date which the tutor can set

After the expiry date, the student cannot use the remaining classes from the same bundle

There will be a validation “ your Bundle is expired, you can use the remaining classes on  Another Bundle”

Eg, there are 10 classes but the student only used 5 classes  until the expiry date,

The remaining 5 classes can be used by the student with the same tutor on the next bundle or

Can be used upon other Tutors bundle.

4.So once the student uses all the classes , the remaining classes will be 0 and so on,,,

5.The students transaction page will have a separate filter for tracking bundle transactions

6. The students cant request refund for the bundle payments

7. But if tutor agrees and admin wishes to refund,  there can be an option refund amount to the bundle credit For eg , student has used 5 classes on a bundle and for  one class- the student requests refund,admin can refund bundle credits, so that one class will be added to the students bundle.


1.The site owner can check the no of bundles against each tutor in the tutor update page from the backend and can also add  a new bundle on behalf of the tutor.

2 .When he adds a bundle on behalf of the tutor, he will set the expiry date, price, ordering , name of the bundle, alias name.

3. Admin can track Bundle appointments of each tutor from the backend.

4. Admin can also filter bundle payments from the Payment Manager tab

5. Option for admin to credit the class from the refund page,

Eg, the student took 5 classes in a bundle, and for one class if he wants refund, instead of refund, he can get an one more addition class added to his bundle.