Admin can create subscriptions such as monthly, half-early and yearly .Each of these plans will have a Price and no of slots. The students can buy any of these subscription plan and use it upon any tutor’s 1-1 classes. The student can also cancel the subscription , which means it wont be renewed but will be active until the expiry date.In this feature, the tutor cannot setup prices for each individual subjects. The admin will set a price per class for each tutor . Depending on the number of completed classes, the tutor earnings are calculated.


1. Admin can create the subscription plans from the backend.

2. There would be a tab for subscription plans in the dashboard where the admin can create or view existing plans.

1.Type of subscription and price of each subscription plan
2.No of slots/classes of each subscription.

View the subscriptions and mange from the backend

The admin can track the Expiry date and renewal date of each users subscription ,no of sots for each subscription plan, price

4. The subscription plans can be viewed in dashboard.

5. There is no refund for subscriptions.

6. In the payment manager page, you can see the transaction made for subscription plans.

7. Admin will set the price in the admin backend for each tutor.

Eg : 2 tutors – 1 is a new tutor and another one experienced

Both teach math for 10 standard
Both cannot be paid same $5 per class, so So admin decided the price of a tutor per class (irrespective of the subjects they teach) depending on the tutor completed class, admin pays them out.



1.There is a separate page to buy the subscription. it will be called “pricing” page.

2.Students can view his subscription plan and it’s details.(students can deactivate and activate the plan anytime they want. If the user cancels the subscription, the plan will be active till the expiry date)

3.Once student has purchased the subscription plan from the pricing page ,he can use the class credits against any tutor.

4.If there are slots left in the plan and the student has not used it, he will lose the slots after the expiry date.


1. Tutor cannot set the subscription plans, only the admin can set the plans.

2. Tutors will get paid based on the number of classes they completed. Eg : $5 per class fee set by admin from the backend – if tutor completes 10 class – she gets 10 x $5 = $50