Tutors can assess the students for a 1-1 class and give them exclusive feedback for their improvements.

Tutors can have a fixed template with platform logo , so they can send reports to the students

Against the appointment from the 1-1 class appointments page.

The tutors can send an detailed about students progress from the respective 1-1  appointments against each student.

Clicking on Assessment,

A form will open to fill in the details such as the tutor name , and student name with date,,

The form should have the general Parameters for any tutoring solution

  1. Attendance and Punctuality
  2. Assignment completion
  3. Attentiveness and Involvement
  4. Setting goals
  5. Plans for Improvement

And there can be 3 columns , Good, Average and bad so tutor can rate there YES or NO, and

The tutor can leave comments and feedback in the text field which can be edited and submitted.

(We can also give the option for the tutors to add and edit parameters, so they can edit and save and upload so the students will view the parameters with respective remarks for the same.


Can have a fixed template also like the below screenshot)

Once submitted, there can be notification for students in email and platform

The students can view and download the reports from their appointments page itself ( like lessons) and know their feedback.

The admin can also have the copy of the same against each 1-1 appointments

The report will be automatically generated with Pinlearn logo with the given parameters, say.