Admin can manage and create subscription plans for the courses on the platform from the backend. In this case, the tutor will be paid by the site owner based on number of courses taken. The students can subscribe to the plans and cancel anytime, the subscription will be valid until the expiry date.


1. Admin can set subscription plans for courses so the students can access all the courses in the platform.


2. There would be a tab for subscription plans for courses in the dashboard where the admin can create or view existing plans.

–  Type of subscription and price of each subscription plan
– Created date

The admin can track the Expiry date and renewal date of each users subscription.

3.There is no refund for subscriptions.

4.The subscription plans can be viewed in the dashboard.

5. In the payment manager page, you can see the transaction made for subscription (courses).

6. Admin will set the price in the backend for each tutor on tutor details page for each courses they complete.

Tutor A, if she sells a course then admin can give $5 per course sale
Tutor B, if she sells a course ,then admin will give $10 per course sale.
This price can be set in the admin backend from the tutor update page.


1. The buy now button should display as “Subscribe”

When they hit the subscribe button – it should take to pricing page

There should be subscription plans listed on the pricing page with details like – Subscribe monthly and get access to all courses in the platform.

-Students can access all the course available on the platform till the expiry date of the subscription plan.
-There is no refund option.
-Students can view the details of the subscription plan they bought.(and cancel the subscription so that the payment will not recur after expiry date)


2. Student can view the payment transaction mode for the subscription under ‘My transactions’.


1.The tutor can create a course.


-Free course

If Paid course, the value set by admin for each course should be displayed on the price say 5$

This field is a read only greyed out field.

Free course- can be accessed immediately by the user after enrolling

If Paid course, the student has to subscribe in order to access all the courses on the platform.

2.Tutors will get paid based on the number of courses they completed. Eg : $5 per course fee set by admin from the backend – if tutor completes 10 courses, the tutorgets 10 x $5 = $50.