The Students can book 1-1 private  offline classes with tutors apart from the regular online classes, on the platform.

Tutor Features

1.The tutor can post a 1-1 offline classes from his calendar slot and the offline classes are represented with a unique color code as well to show the difference of each bookings

2.The tutor can set the areas that he will teaching offline on his profile , which will be listed to the students who are booking offline classes with this particular tutor.


3.The tutor can set a separate price for his offline classes apart from his regular1-1 class

4.The tutor will have a separate tab for checking his offline appointments


5. The class will take place off the platform in private and the students can rate and review the tutor after the class is completed.

6.The earnings of the offline class will be accumulated with other earnings and be listed on the payout page for the tutor.


Student Features

 1.The student can find the tutors and book his 1-1 classes from a separate tab offline classes

2.Once the student chooses offline classes, the areas which the tutor teaches offline will be listed


3. If the specific area is not available in the list for the student , he can choose the option “Other” and leave the location to the tutor in a private chat , so both the  tutor and the student can discuss on the area.

4.On the student transactions after an offline class is booked, there will be separate filter for offline Transactions

5. On the lessons page of the student , there will be a separate tab for “offline classes” to check the bookings for offline classes.

Both the student and tutor can cancel the offline class 24 hours prior to the session and the students can get refund for the class if the tutor didn’t go and take the class.


1.Admin can view the details of places that each and individual  tutor teaches offline on the platform from the backend

2.On the payment manager page, the offline class payment is also tracked by the site owner

3.The site owner can also view the offline appointment status of the tutors from the backend