When a students refers another student?

1.When the student /tutor signs up on the platform, there is a referral code that needs to entered 

2.Students can copy their referral code  from their profile and refer other students off the platform 

3.The student B (who was referred by A) should verify his email on the platform ,after which the referrer A gets a free paid class.

4.The referrer (A) will have the list of students he has referred in his profile

5. The admin also know ,the list of students that each student refereed from the backend

6. The admin will have the track of how many paid classes are free to this student from the backend and how many classes are pending to be taken

When tutor refers a tutor on the platform?

Tutors Referral

Tutor/s sign up on the platform with the referral code and the tutors can copy the referral code off the platform or in the Private chat.

  1. Tutor A refers Tutor B,  Tutor A gets an fixed Bonus fee in $ on Tutor ‘s B  first earnings (first paid class , be it a group class, course, 1-1 class)
  2. Each tutor will have their list of tutors they have referred and their bonus listed on their profile page.

3. Admin will have the details of  each tutor referring another tutor, and have all the list like their name , referral code , date of sign up , sign up referral fee and total earnings as in case of the above screenshot mentioned in point 2.

4.Option for Admin to set a referral fee for Tutor referral 

5.The earning for the tutor A (who has referred) will be reflected in the payout along with his other earnings.

When a tutor refers a student on the platform

  1. Tutor refers a student and get earnings of xx dollars (student referral fee) on the students first paid class( course, 1-1, group class)
  2. The referred student should have his email verified
  3. The tutor will have the list of students he has referred from his profile page.

  4. The site owner will also have the list of students referred by that particular student at the backend with earnings list

Note : On the earnings of the tutor both tutor referral fee and student referral fee gets listed  as in case of the screenshot

Also if the tutor has referred only a student or only a tutor, only those earnings will be accumulated in the payout page accordingly

Also the site owner can have option to set his referral commission