The tutor can create subscription plans for 1-1 classes from their Profile . The students can subscribe to the packages ( monthly/halfy-yearly and yearly) for 1-1 classes. If the student cancels the subscription, it will be available until the expiry date. Admin can view the subscriptions created by tutor from the backend.


1. Tutors can post subscription plans for 1-1 classes on the platform from their profile.


2. There will be a tab for subscriptions on the dashboard or profile

3. Tutors can create and view subscription plans. He can set the price, name for the subscription plan.
-Type of subscription
-No of classes/slots

4. Tutors will be notified if the user has cancelled their subscription in email and also status of the subscription of the user will be inactive

5. The tutor cant create individual slot price. Can remove price here.

6. Once the subscription is purchase by students for 1-1 class, the tutor will receive email notification and the earnings will raise immediately as usual ( tutor earnings – the admin commission).


1. Students can view the subscription plans from the tutor page.

2. Students can view his subscription plan and it’s details (students can deactivate and activate the plan anytime they want. If the user cancels the subscription, the plan will be active till the expiry date) The students can see the no of classes for that subscription.

3. Students can view the payment made for subscription in my transactions page.

4. The students once the subscription is expired , when trying to book slots from tutor, there should be a validation “Please subscribe to the tutor to book for the slots”


1. Admin can view the subscription plans of the tutor from the ‘list tutors’ page, can have a separate tab “Pricing plan” on tutors update page

2. In the payment manager page, you can see the transaction made for subscription plans.
With user type of subscription with so and so tutor.